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My paying gigs, in roughly chronological order:

  • Programming financial applications in BASIC for TRS-80 and Wang 2200 computers
  • Inserting security strips in book spines for the MIT library system
  • Selling souvenirs in a shop on the Atlantic City boardwalk
  • Tutoring high school students in math and Latin
  • Interviewing municipal officials in Worcester and Amesbury, Mass., about the impact of the Prop 2 1/2 property tax limitation
  • Flipping burgers and running a register at the (then brand new) Catoosa McDonald's
  • MIT Language Lab assistant: Cleaning cassette players, copying tapes from reel to cassette, checking materials in and out
  • Programming telemetry simulations in Fortran
  • Flight simulation software engineer
  • Parsing and processing mailing lists for political candidates
  • Blogger
  • Columnist for Urban Tulsa Weekly
  • Election night radio commentator

By way of Dustbury and the Happy Homemaker.

The rules of the meme, from its originator:

Just list all the jobs you've had in your life, in order. Don't bust your brain: no durations or details are necessary, and feel free to omit anything that you feel might tend to incriminate you. I'm just curious. And when you're done, tag another five bloggers you're curious about.

Consider yourself tagged, if you want to be.

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BobInTulsa Author Profile Page said:

Since you asked...
• Stock boy and bagger ~ grocery store
• Soda jerk ~ drug store soda fountain
• Recruiter/Counselor ~ employment agency
• Math tutor ~ high school and college students
• Mainframe marketing ~ computer company
• Application developer/programmer ~ computer company
• Field technical support ~ computer company
• Manager ~ mainframe marketing ~ computer company
• Instructor ~ Management, Computer Science ~ local college
• Director ~ sales ~ start-up telecom company
• Manager ~ product developers ~ telecom company
• Manager ~ project managers and training managers ~ telecom company
• Manager ~ telecom industry service company
• Consultant ~ project management and testing ~ telecom company

sbtulsa Author Profile Page said:

1)washing dishes in a chinese restaraunt (high school)
2)busing tales and cutting hiking trails at signal Mtn Lodge (jackson hole wyoming)high scool senior
3)loading trucks for a major trucing company (summers while in college the first time)
4) asst. manager at a finance company
5) mailroom at the Bible reseach foundation (Tulsa Ok.)
6) Quick Trip second assistant (1974) robbed twice in six months
7) Office assitant for Coleman Ervin architects (while going to TU for a second degree) did not get robbed at thsat time
8) cost accountant - manufacturing company
9) general accountant for oil field equipmenrt company
10) financial analyst for Ingeraoll Rand whihc became Dresser Rand which became Hanover Mfg.
11) financial analyst, then Treasurer for a software and data services company

I have been with the last employer for 20 years

sbtulsa Author Profile Page said:

oops, forgot one. For about a year I worked two twelve hour shifts on the weekends while with my current employer. this was in the early 90's.

lebs27 Author Profile Page said:

- Mowing lawns as a teen
- Flipping burgers at Burger King (high school)
- Stocker at a grocery store (high school)
- Cleaning new construction homes prior to sale
- Gas station attendant
- Summer camp horse wrangler
- Machine shop (night shift)
- Maintenance assistant for grocery store chain
- English teacher/missionary in Hong Kong
- Service manager for ServiceMaster
- US Army - truck driver
- Tear-off crew for roofing company
- Rock quarry - off-road truck driver
- MO National Guard - truck driver
- Delivery driver for Domino's Pizza (college)
- Janitorial work (college)
- Machine shop (college)
- college intern at investment firm
- Janitorial with ServiceMaster
- Legal assistant at OK Blood Institute (temp agency)
- OK National Guard - truck driver
- Front desk work at Enron (temp agency)
- Foreclosure assistant (temp agency)
- Software consultant at Tax & Accounting Software after college
- Waited tables at downtown Doubletree Hotel
- Financial Analyst at investment firm
- Pizza delivery driver - Papa John's
- Waiting tables at Applebees
- Waiting tables at Rosie's Rib Joint
- Tax preparer - self
- Tax preparer - as employee
- Mobile Lube Service owner
- Photographer for attorneys
- Army Reserves - OC/T
- Warehouse Manager
- Accountant for IBM
- UPS - throwing boxes in early a.m.
- Army Reserves - mobilized in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom

----I think I got them all, and I'm not even 40 yrs old yet. Of course some of these jobs were done concurrently - occasionally 3 jobs at a time.

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