GOP precinct meetings tonight: most likely canceled

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Because of the road conditions, Tulsa County Republican Chairman Joy Mohorovicic has waived the requirement for Republicans to attend their precinct meeting tonight in order to become delegates to the county convention. Tulsa County registered Republican voters will be able to sign up for the county convention online at

Precinct chairmen have the option of holding the precinct meeting tonight as planned, meeting on another night, or participating in a central precinct meeting next Tuesday night, February 3, at 7 pm, at the county HQ, 5840 South Memorial, Suite 333.

The GOP HQ is likely to be closed today. Any queries should go by e-mail to chairman AT tulsagop DOT org.

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Pamela Author Profile Page said:

District 92 meeting canceled. He is trying to reschedule it for next Tuesday.

Twatch said:

Michael, can you point me to the rule where the Tulsa County Chairman has the authority to take the precinct delegate selection process out of the hands of the Precinct Chairman? Precinct 458 held their meeting on Tuesday evening as scheduled and voted to go to the Tulsa County Convention as a closed delegation. Additional delegates will not be added to Precinct 458’s delegation.

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