My mayoral manifesto

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The time has come:

Election Day 2009 is a mere seven months away, and a credible opponent to Mayor Kathy Taylor's bid for re-election has yet to emerge.

It is usual to set out one's reasons for seeking office in some form. In the U.S. we call such a document a platform; in the U.K. it's known as an election manifesto.

In that spirit, here then, on the first day of April, 2009, is my mayoral manifesto.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: For the non-Latin speakers, Caveat lector kalendas Apriles means, "Let the reader beware of the Calends of April." As for my mayoral campaign, launch date is set ad kalendas Graecas.

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Bob said:

I've been waiting to be pranged on April 1.

You're the first today. April Fool's!

Nonetheless, ideas listed for the "Bates Administration" would make for an excellent, model city government for all citizens save the following:

The greedy, grasping local ruling power elite and their paid paladins and connected cronies, who wouldn't like a Bates Administration one, little bit.

Therefore, in all likelihood, we'll only see a reform-minded Bates Administration once per year at this time......

Gotta hand it to anyone who can say that in a dead language.

Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

I know you have other priorities now, but maybe in a few cycles you should quit joking around and take a crack at it. I like the idea about getting other people involved.

singleton Author Profile Page said:

I wish this had been posted on any day other than today, because I wish it was true. You would have my support.

Terri Stone said:

Shame on you Michael.... Getting my hopes up like that!

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