Tweeting the Oklahoma GOP Convention

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Tomorrow is the 2009 Oklahoma Republican Convention in Oklahoma City. It should be an exciting day. We'll be voting on whether to re-elect as chairman a proven servant-leader, Gary Jones, and we'll be hearing from some of the folks who want to carry the GOP banner for governor next year, including State Sen. Randy Brogdon, who is expected to make his formal announcement tomorrow.

While I don't plan to tote my laptop around, I will be able to post brief updates to the BatesLine Twitter account. You can also see my latest five tweets near the top of the right-hand column on the BatesLine homepage. Several other folks plan to Twitter about the convention as well, and the consensus is that we'll tag tweets about the convention with #okgop. Follow that link, and you'll see the latest bulletins from the Oklahoma Republican Convention.

UPDATE: My #okgop tweets:

(To clarify one of the entries below -- not all anti-caucus speakers were rabble-rousers, but a couple -- people I didn't recognize -- were, and their tone was unhelpful to the debate. Chairman Gary Jones spoke against the caucus, but he did so respectfully, although I disagree with his position. I didn't hear Tom Coburn's speech, in which he opposed the caucus, but I assume he too was respectful in opposition.)

  1. Greg Hill: Caucus gives voters incentive to participate in caucus & convention process #okgop
  2. Disappointed in anti-caucus rabblerousers - disingenuous and insulting #okgop
  3. Excellent point from Tom Roach - pres cmpgns will drive people to caucuses, build grssrts rolls #okgop
  4. LaPlante vice chair by acclamation #okgop
  5. Williams did not submit nomination for vice chair - ruled out of order #okgop
  6. Anthony Platt, Tulsa Co Ron Paul backer, wants Williams to stay as vice chairman #okgop
  7. Jones 1282.4 Williams 461.6 #okgop
  8. Alfalfa Coal Roger Mills Kiowa Choctaw Johnston Okmulgee Ottawa Pushmataha not here #okgop
  9. Corrected Tulsa Co Jones 104-59 #okgop
  10. Split leaning Jones Canadian 32-27 Wagoner 11-7 #okgop
  11. Logan Cty Jones 14-11 #okgop
  12. Split delegations Creek Rogers Cherokee #okgop
  13. Okla Cty Jones 141-64 #okgop
  14. Cleveland co Jones 66-40 #okgop
  15. Williams best counties LeFlore Texas Hughes
  16. Jones winning rural counties almost unanimously #okgop
  17. Tulsa Co prelim count Jones 103 Williams 59 #okgop
  18. Fran Moghaddam loves Cheryl Williams! #okgop
  19. Jones big standing O - Williams maybe 20% #okgop
  20. Corrected total 1208 delegates. #okgop
  21. Official count: 1197 delegates! #okgop
  22. Reese for Labor Comm: priority to open up Labor Dept for public scrutiny - well received #okgop
  23. Brogdon 2/3 standing O on finishing + loud chanting & cheering #okgop
  24. Brogdon intro stdg O from about 1/3 of crowd. #okgop
  25. Coffee gets warm standing O #okgop
  26. Anthony: We're supposed to follow the law and listen to the evidence. #okgop
  27. Anthony: I've been opposed by metro dailies - we're not supposed to listen to the bosses. #okgop
  28. Bob Anthony cites Dana as example of what grass roots can do. #okgop
  29. Dana Murphy - thx to delegates for helping her overcome money and millionaires in Corp Comm race #okgop
  30. finally in the convention hall - fallin speaking #okgop
  31. Had to park 3 blocks away #okgop
  32. Headed to #okgop - last outpost of civilization #QT in rear view mirror

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