"Why You Hate Your Church" webinar next Sunday

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If you're an evangelical Christian who has struggled finding a church where you feel at home, my friend Forrest Christian has a webinar scheduled for next Sunday, April 19, at 8 p.m. Central time, called "Why You Hate Your Church" that could help you understand why and what you can do about it (other than grim endurance).

Is this you?
  • You feel a personal faith but you have just become so disappointed in your church. Or any church.
  • You used to feel a strong sense of belonging in church, but now feel alienated just by showing up.
  • You feel like no one wants to talk with you, and indeed they really don't.
  • People at your church don't bother calling you for a party, but always call you when something goes wrong.
  • Your Christian friends assume that you have lost your faith in Christ when to you it feels like you lost your faith in the church, not God
  • After awhile, you've just gotten plain bitter about the whole "church thing".

Forrest Christian is a career consultant and a writer on the subject of the way individuals fit (or, more often, don't fit) into the companies that employ them. He's also an evangelical Christian, and he began recently to explore how these ideas on management and job fit apply to churches:

As I examined the dominant ways that evangelical leaders are taught to organize their churches, I realized that these organizational rules show how their very success can marginalize thoughtful and spiritually-oriented Christians.

Although the webinar is designed for disaffected evangelical Christians from "Generation X" (born 1961 to 1978), those from other Christian traditions may find it useful. Forrest adds that, "Church leaders and those who minister to cranky parishioners will find value in learning how to better minister to them."

Because this is a seminar dealing with a matter of faith, Forrest is waiving his usual webinar fee and offering "Why You Hate Your Church" on a "pay what you want" basis. Space is limited. Follow this link to sign up and for more details.

Although I don't hate my church, I plan to participate in this webinar. The "symptoms" Forrest lists call to mind past frustrations with churches and religious organizations, frustrations that I expect my children will experience as they grow older.

There's plenty more information at the webinar link, and be sure to check out Forrest Christian's blog, Requisite Writing.

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David V Author Profile Page said:

Sounds great!
I could really use this right now, but the site no longer accepts new registrations for the event.

I hope there's a way I can join this event.

A minor problem with the form has been fixed. Give it another try, David!

Thanks for the mention, Michael! I've fixed the cart, and have made it a bit more clear that you should edit the price shown so that you "pay what you want".

jen said:

Great of you to blog about this. I've provided information about it and a link to your post.

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