"Under threat of imprisonment, we defer to your choices."

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From homeschooling mom's Susie Dutcher's testimony to the U. S. Senate Finance Committee in 1999:

I would love to put more dollars into our retirement account, for example, but I'm forced to put them into your Social Security trust fund, which I don't trust. I'd like to buy more books for Lincoln, Elizabeth, and Mary Margaret, and put more money in their college fund, but you've already seen fit to use that money funding closed-captioning for the Jerry Springer show. I'd love to get ballet lessons for Elizabeth, but my money is tied up buying food stamps for the deceased. I'd love to give more money to support our church's missionary in Albania, or the free medical clinic in Oklahoma City, but instead I'm forced to fund fish farming in Arkansas and Social Security disability payments for escaped convicts. Call us greedy, but my husband and I would like for the most part to make our own choices concerning the fruit of our labor. But naturally, under threat of imprisonment, we defer to your choices.

It's worth reading the whole thing.

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I tried a trackback with my post but got "Server said 'You are pinging trackbacks too quickly. Please try again later.'"

My comment was "Just think what she would say if she was allowed to testify today. The increased spending during the Bush administration was bad, but it is orders of magnitude worse today. They were worried about Mary Margaret then. Obama is spending Mary Margaret's inheritance, and the inheritance of Mary Margaret's children and grandchildren."

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