Clay Clark withdraws, joins Medlock campaign

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Clay Clark, a small businessman and Republican candidate for Mayor of Tulsa, issued a press release this morning announcing that he is withdrawing from the race to unify conservative Republican support behind former City Councilor and radio talk show host Chris Medlock:

Announced Republican Mayoral Candidate To Join Medlock Campaign

Clay Clark says he will be teaming up with the Chris Medlock For Mayor Campaign

Tulsa, Oklahoma - With the recent announcement of former city counselor and radio show host Chris Medlock's plans to run for Mayor of Tulsa, Clay Clark has decided to join the Medlock Campaign. "In my attempt to truly put priorities over politics, I feel as though joining the Chris Medlock campaign will provide Tulsa with the best chance to secure conservative leadership in the Mayor's office. After talking with our supporters and directly to Chris, it has become apparent that Chris and I agree on nearly all the major issues facing Tulsa. I believe that running against Chris would split the truly conservative vote, which would lead to the Mayor Taylor supporting candidate (Mr. Bartlett) being elected, and that would be like voting for Kathy Taylor Part 2."

Clark says that he will be joining the Medlock campaign on a full-time basis and that he has agreed to oversee the Internet Marketing and small business development aspects of the Medlock campaign.

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mike said:

A smart move by Clay AND with class. We DO need to unify around Medlock, the conservative candidate. Let's git 'er dun!!!!!! Thanks Clay, you earned my respect.

I like this move on the part of Clay, shows he really has a good head on his shoulders. But what does this mean in the type of marketing he will do for Chris? Mr. Medlock said that Clay was running a high school type of campaign. I wonder what he thinks now?

At any rate, I'm sure the two will work together nicely.

W. said:

I'd say it's a biiiiiiig stretch for Mr. Clark to assume he would have split the conservative vote. You have to have an actually viable campaign to do so.

A split doesn't have to be 50-50 to change the outcome in a race, particularly in a primary with no runoff.

David Van Author Profile Page said:

I agree with Michael Bates on this issue. If even a 1/2 of Randi Miller's meager percent of supporters would have
moved to Medlock last Mayoral election, Medlock would have won the primary against the incumbent,LaFortune, and charged on to victory in the general election.

Clark just boosted his own political capital and secured a seat at the table of the next mayoral administration.

"There is none wiser that Socrates, for he knows he is but a fool"

Clark set aside his ego(every candidate has a huge ego[so said Don Rubottom]). He admitted that Medlock is the better option this election.

Let's just show some appreciation for his humility. It's a virtue we need to see more of in politics.

W. said:

Clark is no Randi Miller. She polled more than 20 percent in the primary. Clark would be more like Ben Faulk levels.

circuitryrider said:

I've been impressed with Mr.Clark since my first encounter, when my company did some business with him. But even more impressed when he stepped up to the plate to run when there was no one else with any convictions in view. He intimated in the beginning that if Medlock were to run he would back him so this is no surprise.

Medlock actually made the announcement at the Tea Party on the 4th. Clay Clark was emceeing the event, spotted Medlock and called him out and handed him the mike. Whereupon he announced he was running for mayor, with another mayoral candidate standing there. Very,very tacky.

But ego is a prerequisite for politics and talk radio I suppose. I would have voted for Medlock though personally I like Clark better. If for no other reason just to atone for my sins. I was one of the chumps who voted for Randi Miller for mayor and participated in messing things up last time. I just didn't know any better then.

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