GOP candidate meet-and-greet, Tuesday, August 4

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Coming up next Tuesday:

The Tulsa County Republican Party will sponsor a "MEET AND GREET" for all Republican candidates who are running for a Tulsa City seat in the September 8th primary election.

This event will occur on Tuesday, August 4, 2009 from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at Centennial Park, Central Center located at 1028 East 6th Street (two blocks west of Peoria on East 6th Street).

Refreshments will be provided. All candidates have been notified and we look forward to a very informative evening.

This may be your only chance to ask tough questions of Dewey Bartlett, Jr., whom the Karl Ahlgren-Fount Holland team seems to be handling the same way they handled the River Tax campaign -- stay away from debates, stay away from talk radio, and try to win with tons of money and tons of slick advertising.

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Karl Ahlgren's vocation is taking money from political special interests in exchange for smearing people who are obstacles to the special interests's goals. He's done it again today, with a mail piece on behalf of Tom Mansur smearing Steven Roemerman. ... Read More


Joe Kelley said:

I can only speak to what I know - Bartlett and others have asked to be on KRMG.

But allowing them on the radio now triggers a series of federal regulations governing equal access rules that most radio stations actively seek to avoid. With 19 candidates currently on the ballot, we just don't have the time/interest to engage them all.

If a time comes in which Bartlett or any other candidate rejects our future requests for interviews, I'll be sure to let you know.


David S. Author Profile Page said:

I'll have a camcorder there if anyone wants their question and the response they get taped.... um maybe not.

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