In case you missed it: Where my UTW column went

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A nice note in the current edition of Urban Tulsa Weekly:

Dear Editor:

Sorry to see Michael Bates no longer has a column. He was the main reason I picked up a copy of your paper. I hope you will have him back soon.

-Lawrence Williams, Owasso

It's now been seven weeks since my last column, but I continue to hear from people who tell me they miss my weekly column. After that last column hit the streets, I explained here on BatesLine why I would not be writing for UTW, at least for now. If you missed that, click that link to get up to speed. The ball's in their court.

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David Van Author Profile Page said:

I share the previous sentiments. Both you and Terry Simonson were contributors who I looked for.

Ever since the Tulsa Tribune closed up shop we have needed a mass-distributed Tulsa paper which includes legitimate conservative values.

But any respectable newspaper who contracts with sindicated columnists like George Will, William Rasberry, or Cal Thomas; knows that they aren't getting exclusive publishing rights. I don't see how UTW thinks they deserve to be the only outlet to your columns. Perhaps if they only asked for a 7-day Tulsa area exclusive they would get what they need and your library would remain yours.

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