Oklahoma Channel interviews Tulsa mayor candidates

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The Oklahoma Channel (Cox Cable Channel 3) is doing a series of eight-minute interviews with the candidates for Tulsa mayor and posting the interviews on YouTube. John Erling asked the following questions of each candidates (my paraphrase) -- most candidates got most of the questions, but there was some variation.

  • Tell us about your professional background.
  • What motivates you to run for mayor?
  • What would you write in a job description for the job of mayor?
  • What skills are most important to be mayor?
  • To complement your strengths and weaknesses, what skills would you seek for your appointed positions?
  • Give us an example from your work background that would apply the role from mayor (management or project leadership).
  • What do you see ahead for the City of Tulsa in the next five years, and how are you planning for that future?
  • What would be the most immediate challenges you would address in your first three months as mayor?
  • What are Tulsa's most important assets?
  • What have been the city's successes in the last four years?
  • What would you say to a CEO considering bringing 600 jobs to Tulsa?
  • Does it make a difference whether a mayor is a Democrat or a Republican?
  • Is it important to have a good working relationship with the Chamber of Commerce?

So far five interviews have been posted:

Nathaniel Booth
Kevin Boggs
Anna Falling
Chris Medlock
John Todd

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