Republican Assembly endorses Medlock

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The Tulsa Area Republican Assembly, a conservative Republican organization affiliated with the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, has endorsed Chris Medlock for the Republican nomination for Tulsa mayor at their nominating convention this morning.

The group's rules require a positive vote from two-thirds of its members, so in several races they made no endorsement. With several conservative candidates in the mayoral primary, it wasn't a sure thing that any one candidate would be able to get the required two-thirds. With no runoff, there is a danger that the long list of conservative candidates will split the conservative voters that constitute the majority of the Republican primary vote, allowing a non-conservative candidate to sneak through with a tiny plurality and capture the nomination. The Republican Assembly endorsement convention is as close as we will get this year to a "conservative primary."

Prior to the endorsement vote, the assembly heard from most of the long roster of Republican candidates. Dewey Bartlett Jr had promised to attend, but as with Monday night's After Five Republican Women's Club candidate forum, a Bartlett Jr campaign rep called the night before to cancel.

Here is the list of Republican Assembly endorsements for the September 8, 2009, primary:

Mayor: Chris Medlock
Auditor: Preston Doerflinger
District 4: Rocky Frisco
District 6: Jim Mautino
District 8: Bill Christiansen

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Roy said:

Increasingly evident that Dewey thinks he's got it.

Musing today with friends that Anna will take chunk of the Christian vote, and thus the election, from Medlock. Hope that does not happen.

Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

Almost like Mr. Bartlett's not running. I don't think he wants it. He's probably trying to appease some people in the beltway (Tulsa's beltway - the one that drips cash). Just a guess.

recyclemichael said:

They endorsed perenniel candidate Rocky Frisco over republican incumbent councilor Eric Gomez?


XonOFF said:

This is great news!
Too bad the Barlett machine won't crank up on demand. I had a car like that once. Sold it for scrap rather than trying to offload it onto someone else.

Besides Medlock, I was especially pleased to see Rocky Frisco endorsed. Being given Gomez as his only primary opponent, Rocky's easily the right choice here, and against Maria Barnes in the general. Neither Barnes nor Gomez has well represented the District in the past as Councilor, especially Gomez.

Hope Rocky wins.

Moogle Author Profile Page said:

The taxpayers have been maxxed out with debt to the point there really isn't anything left. So, as far as the aristocracy is concerned, the election might as well go to a non-player this time. It's going to take a while for the wool to grow back.

Brooksider Author Profile Page said:

Avoid candidates with these qualities/ambitions:

1) Running the City like a business. It is not, and trying to do that has not improved it

2) Legacies. Mayor Taylor has several. The need for them is questionable, the cost high. Good government is all the legacy anyone should want

3) Political/value labels. Local politics rarely allows high-minded political posing. It is down & dirty getting things done. At the end of the day, you have to wash them off pretty good to tell the blue from the red

4) Making public safety the only issue. That indicates ignorance of the scope of the City's responsibilities. Do we sacrifice clean water for more police? How much sewage do we dump in the river to hire more firemen?

5) Type A personalities. They like to command but not listen. They never reverse a Custer decision.

So who is left?

Joey said:

Wasn't Medlock the president of that organization last year?

He was. At least two other Republican mayoral candidates are active in the club.

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