Tulsa Election 2009: Pre-primary Republican campaign contribution reports

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Here is a summary of the pre-primary Form C-1 ethics reports filed with the Tulsa City Clerk's office by 5 p.m. today by Republican candidates, the deadline for the pre-primary filing for next Tuesday's Tulsa City Council races. I have listed all contributors $1,000 and over for the mayoral and auditor candidates, all contributors over $200 for city councilor candidates.

The reports cover contributions and expenditures through August 24, 2009. Donors are from Tulsa unless otherwise noted. Reports were also filed by District 7's John Eagleton, who was re-elected without opposition, Karl Hulcher, the unopposed Republican District 3 nominee, and G. T. Bynum, the unopposed Republican District 9 nominee; these will be posted at a later time. Another entry will feature the Democratic primary candidates

The details are below. Here are some observations:

I can't quantify the change (yet) but an increasing number of donors list their office address on their contribution disclosures, rather than their residential address. This particularly seems to be the case with high-dollar donors to high-dollar candidates. This makes it difficult to tell whether the donors are Tulsa residents or not, and for City Council candidates, which donors actually live in the district. Phil Lakin's money seems to come overwhelmingly from outside District 8, but it would be hard to quantify precisely without researching the home address of the many donors who used an office address on the disclosure form. (E.g., former Kathy Taylor economic adviser Don Himelfarb listed the Dollar Thrifty headquarters on 31st St as his address.) If this isn't an actual violation of the campaign ethics law, at least it's a violation of the spirit of the law.

Bartlett received a large number of big contributions from donors who do not live in Tulsa. This includes a contribution from the Chickasaw Nation, which also donated to Tom Adelson. (Why is the Chickasaw Nation, a south-central Oklahoma tribe, interested in City of Tulsa politics?)

Nearly all of auditor candidate Preston Doerflinger's campaign contributions came from people who do not live in Tulsa. Why is this?

A large portion of contributions to Chris Medlock were in-kind donations of goods and services.

The contribution reports for the mayor's race seem to back up my earlier statement that only two Republican candidates have significant support beyond immediate family and close friends. Only Medlock and Bartlett Jr (or should I call him Bartlet Jr now?) have exceeded $5,000 in contributions and expenditures.

It was surprising to see that Chris Trail, not an incumbent, have a carryover of contributions and expenditures. Does this indicate he was raising money for a race even before he moved into the district from outside the city limits?

Chris Trail also received $500 from Mayor Kathy Taylor's husband, Bill Lobeck. His two biggest contributors, and Carol Smith, apparently a cattle rancher from Rogers County, contributing $5,000, and David Sharp, a major property owner in downtown's Brady Arts District, contributing $4,000.

Eric Gomez has heavy support from sources related to the Bank of Oklahoma, including BOK PAC, Frederic Dorwart (the bank's attorney), and bank chairman George Kaiser.

Bill Martinson shows no expenditures whatsoever, and yet (I'm told) he has an ad running on digital billboards and there are yard signs in evidence. Gomez has an ad on digital billboards, too, but his report shows no billboard expenditure or any spending in a more generic category that might include billboards.

Click the link to the jump for the specifics from the contribution reports:


Dewey F. Bartlett Jr.:

Carryover = $ 0.00
Contributions = $286,243.05
Expenditures = $155,659.72

Total of contributions over $200 = $282,591.05 (of which $215,000 was from contributors giving $1,000 or more, $5,000 was from a candidate loan to the campaign, and $283.05 was an in-kind contribution)
Total of contributions $200 or less = $3,652.00

$5,000 - Dewey Bartlett Jr (loan), Howard Barnett, Mike Cantrell (Ada, OK), Gerald Westby Jr, Kent Dunbar, John & Leigh Reaves, James Bertelsmeyer (Marco Island, FL), J. Larry Nichols (Oklahoma City, OK), Michael Bartlett, Edward Gibbs (Owasso, OK), Robert & Jeannie Sullivan, Chester Cadieux III, Joe & Kathy Craft, Steve Sanders, Dean Williams, Robert Biolchini.

$4,283.05 - Albert "Kel" Kelly (Bristow, OK)

$2,500 - Paul Brothers, Mark Short, Randall Sullivan, Joan Atkinson, Frank Eby, Kent Harrell, Tracy Kelly (Bristow, OK), Teri Williams, Larry Lee, Virginia Krumme, Herbert Champlin Oven Jr, Randy Foutch, Jeanine Foutch, John Pilkington, Ralph Smith, James Bennett, Charles Stephenson, Hans Helmerich, Jeff Davis, Paula Marshall, William Thomas

$2,000 - Robert Poe, Larry Sweet, Stuart Goodall, John Nikkel, Randy Olmstead, Jack Allen Jr, Al Howerton

$1,500 - Mike McDonald (Oklahoma City, OK), K. Wiley Cox (Sand Springs, OK), Berry & Regina Mullennix,

$1,000 - Rick Hudson, John Brock, Michael Thompson (Oklahoma City, OK), Richard Minshall, John Mabrey, Ray Potts (Oklahoma City, OK), Robert Kane (Bartlesville, OK), H.G. "Buddy" Keemeier, Donald Smith, Lew Ward (Enid, OK), XTO Energy Fed. PAC (Fort Worth, TX), Kevin Cantrell (Ada, OK), Daryl Woodard, Ronald Barnes, Galen Brittingham, Tim Driskill, Daniel Frey (Broken Arrow, OK), John Greene, David House, King Kirchner, Paul K. Lackey Jr, Tobias Latham III, James Pardee (Skiatook, OK), Bob Rosene (Broken Arrow, OK), Charles Sublett, Michael Westbrock, Ivan Wiliams (Pryor, OK), Michael Atkinson, Tom McCasland Jr (Dallas, TX), Michael Moore (Oklahoma City, OK), G. T. Blankenship (Oklahoma City, OK), Pat Cobb (no address or city listed), Steve LaForge (Chickasha, OK), Melvin Moran (Seminole, OK), Robert West, John Williams (Claremore, OK), Frank Stewart, Harold Hamm (Enid, OK), Robert Lyon Jr, Joseph Mueller, Lana Llewellyn (Oklahoma City, OK), Fred & Kellie Harlan, Pam & Heearne Williford, John & Marge Gaberino Jr, George Kaiser, Jack Neely, Paul Cornell, Kenneth Brune, Ralph Harvey (Oklahoma City, OK), Chickasaw Nation (Ada, OK), Bob Craine, Steve & Debby Ganzkow, Fred Hall (Oklahoma City, OK), Jeffrey & Theresa McDougall (Oklahoma City, OK), David Rainbolt (Oklahoma City, OK), Robert Thomas, Kim Booth (Oklahoma City, OK), Chip & Sharon McElroy, Don Millican (Broken Arrow, OK), Russell Brown (Bristow, OK), Reuben Davis, Michael Dundee, Richard Salamon, Scott Dickman, Thomas Dunlap

Chris Medlock:

Carryover = $0
Contributions = $47,572.62
Expenditures = $45,684.06

Total of contributions over $200 = $41,024.56 (of which $7,000 was from contributions of $1,000 or more, $1,755.56 was from a candidate loan to the campaign, and $29,619.00 was in in-kind contributions)
Total of contributions $200 or less = $6,548.06

$5,000 - Sharon Medlock (Centerville, OH)
$3,500 - Jason Stewart, Harold Morgan (Oxford, MS)
$2,500 - Rick Shaftan (Sparta, NJ), Paul Wizikowski, Bill Bickerstaff (Broken Arrow, OK), Robert Tomarkin
$2,400 - Brooke Tennison (Broken Arrow, OK)
$2,000 - Tim Bueler (Laguna Woods, CA)
$1,920 - Lisa Metzger, Cheryl Johnson, Melissa Porter
$1,755.56 - Chris & Cheryl Medlock (loan)
$1,000 - Masoud Moazami, Audrey Brown

Clay Clark
NOTE: Clark did not file his candidacy, instead endorsing Chris Medlock

Carryover = $0
Contributions = $4,209.00
Expenditures = $4,393.30

Total of contributions over $200 = $1,281.00 (a single contribution, over $1,000)
Total of contributions $200 or less = $2,928

$1,281.00 - Jason Bailey (Locust Grove, OK)

Norris Streetman:

Carryover = $0
Contributions = $3,000.00
Expenditures = $2,300.00

Total of contributions over $200 = $3,000.00 (of which $2,100 was from a contribution of $1,000 or more, all of it from the candidate)
Total of contributions $200 or less = $0

$2,100 - Norris Streetman

Kevin Boggs:

Carryover = $0
Contributions = $2,966.00
Expenditures = $2,966.00

Total of contributions over $200 = $2,508.00 (from contributions from the candidate and his wife)
Total of contributions $200 or less = $458.00

$1,500 - Kevin L. Boggs
$1,008 - Christy Boggs

City Clerk staff provided me with copies of all C-1 reports filed with the City Clerk's office prior to the August 31, 2009, 5 p.m. deadline. Reports for these Republican mayoral candidates were not in the packets.

David Lee O'Connor
Paul Alan Roales
Michael David Tomes Sr.
John Porter Todd
Nathaniel James Booth
Anna Lara Falling
Michael Lee Rush


Preston Doerflinger:

Carryover = $0
Contributions = $37,150.00
Expenditures = $20,319.23

Total of contributions over $200 = $36,750.00 (of which $33,000 came from contributors giving $1,000 or more)
Total of contributions $200 or less = $400.00

$5,000 - Rick & Shelly Jones (Claremore, OK), Dandy & Joyce Risman (Ketchum, OK), Jimmy Risman (Ketchum, OK), Carole Burrage (Claremore, OK), Kent & Jalee Abbott (Hydro, OK), Jeff & Tammy Kirkpatrick (Piedmont, OK)
$1,000 - Betty Lewis (Oologah, OK), Brad Mallett (Claremore, OK), Jason Bell

Lynn Anthony Ruemler:

No report filed.


Rick Westcott:

Carryover = $5,040.99
Contributions = $4,000.00
Expenditures = $2,679.76

Total of contributions over $200 = $3,250.00
Total of contributions $200 or less = $750.00

$1,000 - Randy Foutch, Al & Stephanie Howerton
$500 - Randy Dittman
$250 - Frank Henke IV, Michael & Raeanne Thornbrugh, Gregory Lafevers

Barton Ralph Rhoades:

Carryover = $0
Contributions = $2,300.00
Expenditures = $1,220.30

Total of contributions over $200 = $2,000.00 (one contribution)
Total of contributions $200 or less = $300.00

$2,000 - Firefighters Local 176


Jason Eric Gomez:

Carryover = $2,948.87
Contributions = $13,703.00
Expenditures = $6,080.03

Total of contributions over $200 = $10,800.00
Total of contributions $200 or less = $2,903.00

$5,000 - William Jackson
$1,500 - BOK PAC (Oklahoma City, OK)
$500 - Margaret Kobos, Fred Dorwart, George Kaiser, Steven Walton, Mary McMahon, Lon Foster, William Thomas
$300 - Grant Cox
$250 - Tamara Wagman, David M. Reinecke

Rocky Frisco:

No report filed.


Bill Martinson:

Carryover = $43.74
Contributions = $7,250.00
Expenditures = $0 (?????????)

Total of contributions over $200 = $6,500.00
Total of contributions $200 or less = $750.00

$2,000 - James A. Bush
$500 - Ray F. Biery, Art Couch, David R. Hannagan, Jim & Ann W. McKellar, John C. Smith, Don Wiruth, Treva K. Wiruth
$250 - Roy C. Ferguson III (Broken Arrow, OK), Donald H. Gallemore, Ruth K. Nelson Revocable Trust, Richard D. Teubner

Chris Trail:

Carryover = $1,000.00 (???????)
Contributions = $13,530.00
Expenditures = $12,748.83 (of which $223.72 is a carryover from a previous report -- ????)

Total of contributions over $200 = $12,650.00
Total of contributions $200 or less = $880.00

$5,000 - Carol Smith (Claremore, OK)
$4,000 - David Sharp
$1,000 - Tulsa Firefighters
$500 - William Lobeck
$250 - James Mizell, Mark Farquhar, James Hewgley Jr
$200 - Art Couch, Jack Zarrow

NOTE: The first donation listed in this report was dated 5/7/2009, so presumably the carryover amount of $1,000 was contributed before that date.


Jim Mautino:

No report filed.

Tadd Weese:

Carryover = $0
Contributions = $3,771.84
Expenditures = $1,196.73

Total of contributions over $200 = $2,946.81
Total of contributions $200 or less = $825.00


Phil Lakin:

Carryover = $0
Contributions = $58,894.02
Expenditures = $37,315.99

Total of contributions over $200 = $53,800.00
Total of contributions $200 or less = $5,094.00

$5,000 - Chester E. Cadieux, III
$2,500 - George B. Kaiser, Thomas J. & Donna L. Snyder
$2,000 - BOK Financial Corp PAC (Oklahoma City, OK), Don P. Millican (Broken Arrow, OK), Daniel S. Buford
$1,000 - Albert C. Kelly Jr. (Bristow, OK), Robert D. or Jill N. Thomas, Phil Frohlich, William F. Thomas, Frederic Dorwart, Keith Bailey Trust (Saratoga, WY), Kevin P. & Donna S. Moore (Broken Arrow, OK), Francis Rooney, Barry & Kevin Davis, Philip Kaiser, Jack & Maxine Zarrow, Henry Zarrow, Tom & Judy Kishner, Burt Holmes, Phyllis & George Dotson, Bob Craine, Stacy Schusterman, Burris Smith, William & Anna Riggs (Montgomery, TX), Joseph E. & Patricia D. Cappy, Sanjay & Julie Meshri, Dan Ellinor, Jeffery T. Dunn, Steven M. & Margaret L. Kobos, Phillip L. & Jan C. Lakin, Mark Bendix (Greenwood, MN), Gail Z. Richards
$500 - Richard Jr & Heidi McNair (Claremore, OK), ABC PAC, J. or T. Snyder, R. H. Harbaugh Jr, John & Marge Gaberino, H. G. Kleemeiere, Hilary Zarrow, Steve & Melissa Cox, Carl & Carole Ducato, Jean B. McGill, Dale & Amber Forrest, John Dewey, Dave & Michelle Hughes
$300 - Stephen G. & Larae L. Ludwig
$250 - Annie Koppel Van Hanken, Peter M. Walter, David Page, Larry A. or Olivia H. Wagner, Andrew & Nancy Wolov, Don Himelfarb, Eric Richards, Andrea B. Schlanger, Alvin A. Chinn, James G. East, Tamara Wagman (Talala, OK), Brad & Janet Vincent, Jason Martin, Bob G. Schulz, Thomas E. & Elizabeth B. Rains, Marvin L. Morse

Bill Christiansen:

Carryover = $3,346.63
Contributions = $41,290.00
Expenditures = $9,197.12 (of which $2,000 is a carryover from previous report)

Total of contributions over $200 = $37,850.00
Total of contributions $200 or less = $3,440.00

$25,000 - Bill Christiansen (loan)
$3,500 - Phil Tholen
$2,500 - Terry J. Barker, Randy W. Kaplin
$1,000 - Tulsa Firefighters Local 176
$500 - Marcia Macleod
$300 - Kenneth J. Bays, Ernest G. Terry
$250 - Ruth K. Nelson, Ronald E. Davis, Robert F. Biolchini, John R. McLemore III, Robert E. Davis, Mike Thornbrugh (Broken Arrow, OK), Laurie L. Ross, Lori Hamilton-Hobbs, Phillip E. Maloney

Scott Grizzle:

Carryover = $0
Contributions = $707.00
Expenditures = $611.19

Total of contributions over $200 = $0
Total of contributions $200 or less = $707.00

Notes and analysis:

Keep in mind that the reporting period ended on August 24, so any contributions and expenditures in the week since then won't necessarily be shown on these reports. Some reports may be missing because the candidate did not raise or spend more than $500 before the end of the reporting period. In other cases, the failure to file may have been an oversight.

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Bob said:

Regarding the Phil Lakin contributions listing:

Many Kaiser and Bank of Kaiser Kronies are listed, besides King George there are Dan Ellinor, BOK Financial PAC, and Fred Dorwart listed as contributors.

Curiously, your old Latin Teacher Ruth K. Nelson gave $250 to Bill Christiansen....

Figure that one?

Family Feud?

I'm troubled by the donation by the Chickasaw Nation. Is there any way that this is a proxy donation via the Creek Nation?

The A Team said:

Will the city make these full reports available for review or download online before the elections?

Jamison said:

Steve, I doubt it. The Chickasaws are very big political donors - maybe the biggest of the Indian tribes (either them or the Cherokees). They give to anybody and everybody, even opposing candidates, sometimes. Besides, I really doubt that one tribe would be giving for another tribe.

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