TGOV online at last

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It's been a long wait, but TGOV, the City of Tulsa's government channel, is streaming video and offering archived video of city government meetings at You can read the city press release at Councilor John Eagleton's blog.

This will make it easier for people interested in city government to cut the cable. Until now TGOV was only available on Cox Cable channel 24, offered as part of its franchise agreement with the city (if I recall correctly). It's one of a small number of reasons we've continued to be cable subscribers.

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Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett Jr is pushing for a policy change to Tulsa's local government cable channel that would hinder public transparency and accountability in city government. Today, Monday, January 23, 2012, at 2 p.m., in City Hall room 411, the T... Read More


Paul said:

Until reading bob's comment on another BatesLine topic yesterday, I was not aware that TGOV was online. So, thanks to bob and you, I was able to catch a portion of yesterday's TMAPC meeting (almost in real time, I think) as well as a rebroadcast of Tuesday's Public Works committee meeting. The latter was an eye opener, especially Councilor Bynum's concern about $1,500 for moving furniture in a non-Public Works office and Councilor Christiansen's photos of very rough and sloppy asphalt street "repairs."

I wasn't able to get all of the tabs on TGOV's website to work. For the archives, it would be nice to see all videos redundantly uploaded to YouTube. I'd prefer to see the banner on the videos repositioned to the very bottom of the screen and the camera angles adjusted so that nameplates aren't obscured. Also, larger nameplates would be better.

Shadow6 said:


I cut the TV cable almost a year ago, and I've been frustrated that I could not access City meetings without showing up at 10 AM on a Tuesday (or whenever the heck the obscure but oh-so-important government meetings are) or paying Cox for cable TV.

Finally. Something to make my live better.

The A Team said:

Now, we just need to get the Tulsa County Commission and our area School Boards to establish websites like tgovonline.

P.S. Any other Intel based Mac OS X Safari browser users out there having problems getting the videos to play? I've installed Silverlight, but still can't play the videos.

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