Bartlett outlines cuts, layoffs in email to city workers

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Mayor Dewey Bartlett Jr sent an email on Thursday to city employees regarding the poll of AFSCME members, preferring layoffs to salary and benefit cuts, and regarding the state of negotiations with the police and fire unions. Click over to Roemerman on Record for the full text of Bartlett's statement.

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Other City Employee said:

You're not the first person to incorrectly refer to the Opinion Poll by the Local AFSCME 1180 Union for City Employees as a Vote... It was NOT a vote.

Choosing Layoff vs. Paycuts is a decision that can only be made after negotiations with the Union. Furloughs are something a Mayor has free reign with, but there were so many other options never discussed in main stream media that could have been opted for. It's sad that our media doesn't report the facts anymore, just whatever psychology will get a reaction from it's subscribers/viewers/etc.

One last thing... someone needs to tell the media that we get TIRED of being referred to as "Other City Employees"... without us, there wouldn't be streets to drive on, water for anything, and when you flushed the toilet things would get really messy, really quickly...


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