The Other McCain moves to a new domain

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One the blogs I added to my list of favorites last year is The Other McCain. The eponymous author, journalist Robert Stacy McCain, was a long-time writer and editor for The Washington Times, a dead-tree newspaper that began a steep decline about the time of his departure. McCain began blogging, and in less than two years reached 3 million hits.

The Other McCain covers national politics from a conservative perspective. Stacy McCain's approach is aggressive but infused with humor (much of it self-deprecating), and he's willing to burn shoe leather to go after a story. (A couple of examples from the site's previous incarnation on His on-the-scene reporting from the NY 23rd Congressional District special election and from eastern Kentucky on the census worker suicide staged to look like a hate crime.) There's even something endearing about his relentless rattling of the tip jar. His co-blogger, Smitty, adds incisive comment that goes beyond the news of the day to consider the long-term picture.

Stacy and Smitty have successfully relaunched The Other McCain with its own domain ( and with an attractive new design. I've added The Other McCain's new feed to the "headlines" page, so you'll always see links to their latest posts there. (Check the BatesLine headlines page several times a day for the latest links from the best blogs.)

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W. said:

Robert Stacy McCain's membership in League of the South is troubling. This is a group that actively wants a "a free and independent Southern republic." Isn't that secession? Isn't that treasonous? Doesn't bother you in the least that McCain is an apologist for a pro-Confederacy group and other such groups?

W., that meme cropped up earlier this year as a way of indirectly tarring Sarah Palin, whose co-author, Lynn Vincent, co-wrote a book with Stacy McCain some years ago.

In the two years I've been reading McCain's blog and his columns, I have never seen him "apologize" for any pro-Confederacy group or write anything remotely racist. If you can point to anything he's written (written by him, not written about him) that proves your assertions, post a link.

One of his associates wrote in September, "I knew McCain back in the early days of the League of the South and he was outspoken against racism. We were members when the League was brand new and holding debates as to its membership and mission. Both McCain and I argued for open membership and against any kind of racial discrimination. Now tell me, how does that reflect badly on McCain?"

I infer from the comment that McCain is no longer a member of that group, and I have never read anything by him in support of the organization.

This same associate wrote a lengthy entry on his own blog refuting the smears against McCain. Here is his summary:

"Robert Stacy McCain is a fine man of outstanding character and hasn't a trace of racism or white-supremacist philosophy anywhere in his soul. I know, because I knew him and worked with him long before most of you ever heard his name. He has consistently supported racial equality and opposed race hatred."

W. said:

I didn't bring up the racism angle. You did.

I brought up that he is a member of a pro-Confederacy group. The Confederacy made an armed revolt against the United States in an effort to preserve slavery. That is indisputable. The League of the South, right on its own Web site, "advocates the secession and subsequent independence of the Southern States from this forced union and the formation of a Southern republic."

You don't find it the least bit troubling that he is/was a member of a group that advocates secession from the U.S., a treasonous act?

The fact you provided a quote and link that further confirms his membership in the League of the South. Doesn't a membership in such an openly secessionist group bring up legitimate questions about McCain's judgment and character?

Organizations change over time and that an organization endorses a given position in 2010 doesn't necessarily imply that it did over a decade ago. If you have evidence that McCain ever endorsed secession, or that League of the South endorsed secession at the time he was involved in the organization, present it.

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