Oklahoma 2010 primary: Early voting begins; my picks

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Early voting for the Oklahoma 2010 primary begins today, Friday, July 23, 2010, at your county election board headquarters. The Tulsa County Election Board is at 555 N. Denver Ave., just north of downtown Tulsa.

Here are the dates and times for early voting this year:

Friday, July 23, 20108 am - 6 pm
Saturday, July 24, 20108 am - 1 pm
Monday, July 26, 20108 am - 6 pm

On Election Day, Tuesday, July 27, 2010, polls will be open from 7 am to 7 pm.

Every registered voter in the state has a reason to go to the polls. Not only are there Republican and Democrat primaries for statewide offices, but all voters, including independents can vote for District Judge.

I had hoped to give you a detailed rundown of the pros and cons of the candidates in each race and the rationale behind my choice, but I have run out of time. (Spending most of Wednesday in the hospital and most of Thursday recovering from spending most of Wednesday in the hospital did not help.) But for those of you who have asked, here is how I plan to mark my ballot next Tuesday:

GovernorRandy Brogdon
Lt. GovernorJohn A. Wright
State Auditor and InspectorGary Jones
Attorney GeneralScott Pruitt
State TreasurerOwen Laughlin
Superintendent of Public InstructionJanet Barresi
Commissioner of LaborMark Costello
Insurance CommissionerJohn Doak
Corporation CommissionerDana Murphy
U. S. SenatorTom Coburn
U. S. Representative, District No. 1John Sullivan
County AssessorKen Yazel
County TreasurerDennis Semler
District Judge, District No. 14 - Office No. 3James M. Caputo
District Judge, District No. 14 - Office No. 13Bill Musseman

Some of these were close calls, and my choice for one candidate doesn't necessarily mean that the opposing candidate is a bad choice.

Here's my 2010 primary voters' guide, with links to candidate websites and Twitter accounts.

Endorsements elsewhere:

Jamison Faught (aka the Muskogee Politico) has published a list of his endorsements, with some detail about his rationale in each case. I don't agree with all his choices, but it's worth reading.

The Tulsa Beacon endorsements are here. In the Beacon's editorial category, you'll find specifics on specific races.

The Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee (OCPAC) made their primary endorsements back in April. OCPAC's Charlie Meadows has just posted his personal picks, which includes most of the contested Republican legislative primaries.

Steven Roemerman has posted his choices in the Republican primary, including the hotly contested Tulsa County District 3 Commission race.

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In the hospital! I certainly hope that you, or whomever you were visiting, are fully recovered.

Ted D said:

You and I only separate on 2 races. That's the closest I've come to anybody. Charley Biggs and I disagree on about 4 races.

Hey, you really should only disagree with my Labor and Governor picks (which really, I could have gone either way on Labor, and would have gone Brogdon if things had been a bit different). :-D Other than those two, we're spot on! Really glad to see your Treasurer pick is Owen Laughlin.

Nathan Phelps said:

What is your call on Tulsa County Commissioner?

Tim D said:

I'm very surprised to see you (Mr. Bates) supporting John Sullivan. I know it's hard to unseat the incumbent, but I have trouble seeing Sullivan as the best option.

When I saw several republicans vote for bailouts and stimulus packages, I was sure to remember their names and forever blackball them from my voting list. Sullivan made the list for his votes on "H.R. 5140" and "TARP".

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