Election 2010: My national prediction

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My picks for the final congressional result:

House 276 R - 179 D (Republican net gain of 98.)

Senate 52 R - 48 D (Republican net gain of 11: Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin.)

Remember: You can still help be the wave. In Tulsa, you can be a sign waver or make get-out-the-vote (GOTV) phone calls. Call Jed at 580-239-2988 or Jason at 918-261-4309 to volunteer, or just stop by Tulsa County GOP HQ.

FreedomWorks would like your help making GOTV phone calls in key races across the country.

At the very least, you can personally contact 10 of your friends and encourage them to vote. It makes a difference.

Even though I'm in San Antonio on business for a bit, I still found one more thing to do to help. I went to Frederico Canseco HQ, along with about 50 other volunteers, and dialed almost 200 numbers this evening. It was fun, and it's always interesting (to me, at any rate) to learn about new campaign processes and technologies. Canseco is challenging a two-term Democrat incumbent, Ciro Rodriguez. You may remember the YouTube video of Rodriguez swatting a bunch of papers at a constituent. Canseco is favored to win.

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Ted D said:

Michael, While I hope you are right in your prediction, I think you are overly optimistic. I am predicting a gain of 77 in the House and 50 in the Senate. I think the W. Virginia Senate race will set the tone for the night. If the GOP wind W. Virginia, your prediction may be closer than mine.

Bob said:


If the GOP were to pick up the number of House and Senate seats that you've predicted, the tidewave of change would become a Tsunami.

I've heard that political analyst Dick Morris has been predicting up to 100 House seats changing over to the GOP.

And, the meaning would be:

America has finally figured out the cipher of B.H. Obama, and they don't like him, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid and what they're doing to the country one little bit.

If the change is as large as you've predicted, Obama will draw a viable Democrat Presidential Primary opponent.


This time tomorrow, we'll know the House and Senate results.......

mark said:

Michael -

I think you're drinking too much of your own whiskey! If the Republicans win the Connecticut Senate seat, I'll do 3 hours of GOTV for the candidate of your choice next election cycle.

We shall see....

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