Tulsa town hall meeting on city manager proposal tonight

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The Tulsa City Council is hosting a special town hall meeting tonight, July 7, 2011, 6 p.m., at City Hall, 2nd and Cincinnati, to discuss a proposal to switch to a city manager/council form of municipal government. Under the proposal, a mayor, elected citywide, would sit on the City Council and be able to cast an extra vote in the event of a tie. City Attorney, City Clerk, City Auditor, and City Manager would be appointed by the City Council and removable by the council with a 2/3rds vote.

You can read the current draft of the proposal and find a considerable amount of backup material on the Tulsa City Council website, including analyses of the structure and charter language of other city governments using the council/manager form.

The town hall will be held in the 2nd floor City Council meeting room. If you can't attend in person, you can watch on Cox Cable channel 24 or online at tgovonline.org.

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Roy said:

Mike, while I've thought about the topic, I've not developed firm conclusions. I'd appreciate reading your synopsis. (Perhaps you've already made it plain. And I'm just too ignorant to see.)

At any rate, don't take this as an urgent plea for immediate action, but as a respectful request for feedback as your schedule and interests permit.

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