FOP issues Tulsa City Council endorsements

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Released today by the Tulsa FOP Lodge 93:


August 26, 2011
For Immediate Release

For further information
Contact Victor Ajlouny

Tulsa FOP Endorses City Council Candidates
Decisions follow written and oral interviews plus background checks

The Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 93 voted to endorse the following candidates for the City Council primary election on September 13.

District 1 - Jack Henderson
District 2 - No Endorsement
District 3 - Roscoe Turner
District 4 - Maria Barnes (Democrat) - Blake Ewing (Republican)
District 5 - Chris Trail
District 6 - James Mautino
District 7 - Steven Roemerman
District 8 - George Gibbs
District 9 - G. T. Bynum

The endorsements were made following a process in which candidates answered an extensive written questionnaire and participated in oral interviews. The Lodge retained an outside firm to do background checks to review civil or criminal histories.

The Lodge took into consideration the candidate's positions on police staffing and other City priorities, their understanding of the City budget, past community service and any potential conflicts they may encounter if elected.

"The members of the FOP are individuals who care very much about Tulsa. A large percentage are residents of the City," said FOP spokesman Victor Ajlouny. "They take their responsibilities very seriously when it comes to their endorsement of candidates who will lead the city where their families live and go to school and/or they spend a large portion of their waking hours protecting and serving the residents of Tulsa."

After the primary election, the FOP will decide which candidates to endorse in the general election.

The Tulsa FOP Lodge 93 represents the over 700 professional police officers employed by the City of Tulsa. For further information, contact Victor Ajlouny, 402-968-0556.


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Graychin said:

So far, the FOP is the only voice I have heard that wants to retain as many incumbents as possible on the dysfunctional city commission.

The Chamber of Commerce is sprinkling money around "liberally," so that they will have their hooks into whoever the eventual victors are. I don't see any agenda in their selections other than insuring their own access and influence.

I don't find the City Council (we haven't had a City Commission since the new charter went into effect in 1990) dysfunctional at all. They all seem to work well together, and they've accomplished a great deal. (Here's a list of significant Tulsa City Council accomplishments from five months in 2010, all of which took place while they were supposedly distracted with the investigation of the Federal police grant controversy.) The problem has been the relationship between the Council and the Mayor. You have nine very different personalities on the Council, and Bartlett Jr has managed to alienate each of them, one at a time. Particularly when weighed against the alternatives on offer, the FOP's choices are reasonable.

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