Tulsa Election 2011: Pre-primary campaign contribution reports

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Analysis will have to wait, but for now, here is the full collection of C-1s, required to be filed by 5 p.m. yesterday, as provided to me by the Tulsa City Clerk's office. The only processing I've done is to merge two separate files into one and to run OCR on the entire file.

Tulsa City Council Election 2011 Pre-Primary Ethics Reports (5 MB PDF)

It's interesting to see the same names over and over again, the same people trying to buy themselves a city council. What council candidate with any respect for the office he or she seeks would take money from John Brock, founding father of Save Our Tulsa [for our kind, dahling], who wants to dilute geographical representation and weaken the influence of the representative branch of city government? And yet David Patrick, Liz Hunt, Karen Gilbert, Byron Steele and Tom Mansur all did.

UPDATED noon, 2011/09/07, with bookmarks added to the file for easy location of individual C-1s.

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Bob said:

After Sept. 13, King Kaiser's candidates will help ensure the regal reign of his royal richness, George Kaiser.

King Kaiser and his Bank of Kaiser's sole-sourced, no-bid monopoly lock on all City of Tulsa and Tulsa County deposit accounts business, and all bond underwriting, paying agent and transfer agent business. Prima facie evidence of why Kaiser wants to control our local government officials: Money.

Besides the campaign contributions, just look at the DIRECT connections of candidates Phil Lakin and George Bynum to the Kaiser financial octopus.

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