Tulsa Election 2011: Pre-general ethics filings; Kaiser, Schusterman lead funders of "Working Tulsans"

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CORRECTED to include all Working Tulsans contributions. In my haste to post the list of contributors, I only included those on the printed attachment and missed those on the handwritten portion of the form.

Analysis to come (after trick-or-treat), but for now, here are the ethics reports filed by PACs, candidates, and issue committees as of 4:45 pm today.


The PDF includes filings for the mysterious "Working Tulsans" group that sent mail on behalf of several candidates (including Jeannie Cue, David Patrick, and Skip Steele) before the primary. Here's the list of contributors, a quick copy and paste from the report.

9/2/2011 George B. Kaiser, PO Box 21468, Tulsa, OK $5,000
9/2/2011 Stacy Schusterman, PO Box 699, Tulsa, OK $5,000
9/2/2011 Jay Helm, 5727 S. Lewis, Tulsa $5,000
9/8/2011,9/23/2011 Burt B. Holmes, PO Box 1440, Tulsa, OK $4,500
9/8/2011 Daryl Woodard, 6311 E. 105th St, Tulsa, OK $2,000
9/8/2011 Stuart Price, 113 E. 22nd PI., Tulsa, OK $2,000
9/2/2011 Paul Lackey, 2200 S. Utica, Tulsa, OK $1,000
9/23/2011 Russell A. Richardson, 3114 E. 81st Tulsa, OK $1,000
10/3/2011 E. Terrill Corley, 1809 E. 15th St. Tulsa, OK $1,000
10/15/2011 George F. Bashaw, Jr., PO Box 52490 Tulsa, OK $500

Daryl Woodard, you'll recall, was the Mayor's appointee to the redistricting commission. Woodard had previously endorsed council-suer Burt Holmes' council-packing efforts. George Kaiser needs no introduction. Stacy Schusterman (a classmate of mine from 4th through 12th grade) is CEO of Samson Investment Company and VP/Treasurer of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation.

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Bob said:

I continue to be astounded at the public-spirited nature of George Kaiser, to fund to the maximum extent allowed by law. an organization that seeks to determine who our city councilors will be for a 3rd Tier American City.

Simply amazing, when you imagine how busy Mr. Kaiser is, being one of America's richest billionaires, with all those trips to the Obama White House to NOT talk about Solyndra.

His interest in Tulsa city government wouldn't have anything to do with, I suppose, the fact that Bank of Kaiser has maintained a sole-sourced banking and bond underwriting relationship with all City of Tulsa entities for about the past two decades?


Just public-spiritness, I suppose?

Nothing to do with maintaining a business monopoly relationship between a declining 3rd Tier city and his majority owned bank?

Pure fantasy, I'm sure.

I see you don't have a C-1 for my opponent Byron Steele....The Tulsa World said he didn't file, then corrected themselves in today's, nov. 2nd paper saying he did...but, its a lie. I says in the correction that he only had $700 in new donations for a total of $2200 for the cycle, but in the BIZPAC filing, it says they gave Steele $2500, this means that he LIED on his report doesn't it. Isn't that illegal?

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