Tulsa Election 2011: "Working Tulsans" facts and statistics

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CORRECTED to include all Working Tulsans contributions. In my haste to post the list of contributors, I only included those on the printed attachment and missed those on the handwritten portion of the form. Adding in Paul Lackey and Jay Helm didn't change the median home value, but it did bring the median home size down from 5,649.5 to 5,007.5 sq. ft., because Mr. Lackey's $1,472,000 Utica Place condominium is a paltry 2,718 sq. ft. Since this was originally published, a Working Tulsans mailer went out on behalf of Ken Brune, Democrat nominee in District 4.

Ten contributors were listed on the "Working Tulsans" C-1 form.

Contributors' median home size: 5,007.5 sq. ft.
Contributors' median home value: $691,050

Contributors' average home size: 5,885.4 sq. ft.
Contributors' median home value: $937,120.

Four contributors live in homes valued at greater than $1 million. The cheapest house of the bunch belongs to Burt Holmes, who lives in a 3,080 sq. ft. ranch-style house built in 1948, valued at $312,200.

Three contributors live in District 9. Three live in Money Belt sections of District 4 that were in 9 until this year. Two live in District 8.

Two contributors live in a district targeted by a Working Tulsans mailer. They live in District 2, in the neighborhood just south of Southern Hills Country Club.

Working Tulsans sent mailers into District 2 in support of Jeannie Cue, into District 3 in support of David Patrick, and into District 6 in support of Skip Steele. The mailers bore the bulk mail endorsement of Majority Designs, the Oklahoma City direct mail firm associated with Fount Holland and Karl Ahlgren.

The address of the committee, P. O. Box 52804, 74152, which appeared on the mailers and in the committee's filings, shows up in voter records as belonging to a 48-year-old woman registered to vote at a street address well outside the City of Tulsa. (Because her name turns up in a web search as a past victim of domestic violence, I'm not going to give the name here, but I have to wonder why her P. O. Box is being used for this committee.)

(Residence information derived from voter registration and county assessor records.)

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Bob said:

Our city and its government are being stolen again by the local ruling Patriarch Families.


There had been a brief, fair time where independent and reformist-minded candidates for city council could get elected with maximum shoe leather usage through door-to-door campaigning and minimal political campaign financing.

Big money has made the difference in our latest city council races.

By craven political calculation, did paid political paladin Karl Ahlgren made sure that city council re-districting shifted at least 20% of the voters to new districts in all the districts that the ruling families had targeted for capture?

I also wonder what admonishments or threats were delivered to incumbent city councilors Westcott, Eagleton and Christiansen to coerce them to decline re-election bids?

Something akin to a threat of enormous campaign financing provided by the ruling local Families to Phil Lakin and G.T. Bynum, representing a co-opted King Kaiser crony, and a scion strain of a famous family stain, respectively?

Another Too-Big-of-Coincidence to be happenstance?

Tulsans, get ready to see 9-0 City Council support for Kaiser River Tax II sometime in 2012, funded by an .004 cent sales tax increase.

Or, maybe a city government (T.I.A.) $100 million loan guarantee for a Green Energy 1000:1 long-shot, start-up connected crony enterprise, deploying liquid plasma energy derived from dilithium crystals.

Afterall, it works quite well on Star-Trek.....

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