"All That Tax"

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From the grooveyard of forgotten favorites, here's a song from the summer of 2003 and the run-up to the Vision 2025 sales tax vote, a parody of "All That Jazz," written and sung by then-KFAQ morning show sidekick Gwen Freeman, with patter from morning show host Michael DelGiorno. I came across it tonight while looking for something else, but it was a timely find; since an entirely new set of Tulsa County Commissioners is talking about increasing or extending the Vision 2025 sales tax, even though the original tax still has four more years to run. Click the picture to listen.


"Feasibility, schmeasibility! We don't need no stinkin' study!"

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Chris Medlock said:

How much fun was all of that?

Bob said:

I miss Michael Delgiorno and Gwen Freeman on the morning local talk show. Pat Campbell is an inadequate substitute.

Campbell provides the promoters of every new tax with ample free airtime to promote their tax-and-spend views, without even a shred of balance.

I also miss Michael Bates' weekly guest spot on the KFAQ Morning Show, as well as Chris Medlock on the local afternoon KFAQ radio program.

We need them now more than ever, with a Tulsa City Council owned lock, stock and two-stinkin' barrels of putrified baloney by the local ruling Founder Families.

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