Vision2 share vs. Tulsa County municipality population

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The table below compares each Tulsa County municipality's share of the proposed Proposition 2 sales tax -- 0.29% for 13 years -- with the municipality's share of Tulsa County's population. The figures, from the 2010 U. S. Census, include only the population of each city within Tulsa County (all but three of Tulsa County's municipalities overlap into surrounding counties). The population figure for Tulsa County is for the area of the county not within any municipality -- it's a pretty small percentage.

If you're wondering about Sapulpa: The seat of Creek County annexed the area along I-44 just east of the eastern terminus of the Turner Turnpike. Not many people live there, but there are stores, fast food restaurants, and motels. So Sapulpa gets the city sales tax for the retail development at Tulsa's western gateway.

Political Subdivision Percentage of Sales Tax Political Subdivision Allocated to Projects of Political Subdivision Percentage of Tulsa County Population
Tulsa County* 28.74% 5.77%
City of Tulsa 43.63% 63.91%
City of Bixby 3.13% 3.43%
City of Broken Arrow 12.19% 13.36%
City of Collinsville 0.85% 0.93%
City of Glenpool 1.63% 1.79%
City of Jenks 2.56% 2.80%
City of Owasso 3.98% 4.36%
City of Sand Springs 2.79% 3.07%
Town of Skiatook 0.32% 0.35%
Town of Sperry 0.18% 0.20%
Liberty, Sapulpa, Mannford, Lotsee
Total 100.00% 100.00%

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A possible response to my earlier entry, Vision2 share vs. Tulsa County municipality population, is that it doesn't count the money in Proposition 1 to improve city-owned facilities and to provide "equipment and fixtures and other capital improvements"... Read More


David Van Author Profile Page said:

This is a very enlightening chart and makes it very obvious how the County govt. is the worst mechanism for accomplishing city priorities. That plus the greater danger of corruption in county govt., compels us to insist that city officials campaign against this power-grab and write alternative funding proposals, for voter consideration.

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