Senate District 39 candidates on Vision2

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Both candidates in the closely contested Oklahoma Senate District 39 race have taken a position on Vision2. Incumbent Brian Crain enthusiastically supports the Tulsa County 13-year, 0.6 cent tax scheme; challenger Julie Hall has expressed skepticism about the plan and the hasty, opaque process that produced it.

Sen. Brian Crain issued a press release in support of Vision2 shortly after the Tulsa County Republican Party County Committee voted to oppose the tax plan and to censure the two Republicans on the Tulsa County Commission for putting it on the ballot.

"Tulsa County has an historic opportunity to secure the future of our area, both economically and in quality of life, by assuring our status as a center of aerospace maintenance. Not since the Spavinaw Lake project of the 1920s has a public investment in Tulsa County's future of this importance been submitted to a vote of the people." Crain continued by stating, "By their action, Commissioners Smaligo and Perry have proven to be strong and far-sighted stewards of our assets and resources."

Julie Hall, Crain's Democratic challenger, wrote the following comment on Facebook in reference to my comment about some Democratic officials support for "corporate welfare funded by a regressive tax":

I don't know that you can call it corporate welfare since we have no guarantees it will keep jobs in Tulsa. It may just be a boondoggle. I also don't believe it is as simple as whether Tulsans want progress - of course, we do. This process has lacked the public involvement and transparency we deserve before authorizing the expenditure of millions of dollars. We have time for a thoughtful, strategic plan. If it is worth doing....

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Bob said:

GOP incumbent Brian Crain fits any definition of a RINO: Republican in Name Only.

He seems a Wheeler-Dealer type, a term you coined here on Batesline to differentiate from Square Dealers.

I wondered WHY the Tulsa World sought out Crain for his commentary to direct criticism at the Tulsa County GOP Committee, and its censure of Tulsa County Commissioners Smaligo and Perry, two RINO's that never met a sales tax increase they didn't just LOVE.

While running for County Commissioner in Nov. 2006 as a purported Conservative lower tax, smaller government Republican, within months of attaining office, Commissioner Fred Perry was enthusiastically supporting the 2007 Kaiser River Tax. Same as Smaligo and defeated County Commssioner RINO Randi Miller.

I will not vote for anyone, Republican or Democrat, on Nov 6, 2012 that currently supports Vision2, nor likely ever vote for them in future elections should they survive this Nov. 6 contest.

That means, you DEWEY! Dewey is positioning himself to join the growing list of recent one-term Tulsa Mayor failures.

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