Shamelessness and trans-insanity

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Some wise words from Matt Walsh, in reaction to the latest trans-sensation, Paul "Stefonknee" Wolscht, a 52-year-old father of seven who left his wife and kids to live as a six-year-old girl.

As I said, this is what happens when you remove moral absolutes, shame, and judgment. For years, schools, parents, the media, even some churches, have taught that nothing is inherently wrong, nobody can judge, and nobody should be ashamed of anything. That lesson has sunk in, to devastating effect. The more we hold up shamelessness as an ideal, the more we rob ourselves of our dignity, which is what shame is designed to protect. The more we become something like monkeys who run about grunting and flinging our feces around, metaphorically.

If you listen to the champions of any of these various corruptions -- the transgenders, the transagers, the transspecies, the incestuous lovers, etc. -- you'll find that all of them talk about the glorious moment when they overcame the shame they felt (and should feel) for indulging in their kinks and hideous fixations. Almost always, this triumph occurred when they encountered, usually online, other people with the same disturbing propensities. They found "community" in their sin, and there they could build a human wall to block out the "judgment" of the outside world.

Of course, the outside world has been indoctrinated to the same faulty notions of relativism, acceptance, and tolerance, so there is less and less judgment, less and less shame, to hide from. Now, these "communities" can come out into the open, and as they do, more people feel encouraged to nourish and explore whatever sick temptations might be gurgling deep in the recesses of their subconscious. In this way, despite how liberals might scoff at this idea, it is true that sexual deviance -- whether it's transgenderism or homosexuality or whatever else -- can be "spread" like a disease. People who would otherwise ignore, suppress, or hopefully seek counseling and spiritual healing to deal with their urges, now feel encouraged to not only act upon them, but become them. To define themselves by them.

Moreover, I'm convinced a certain large number of these folks basically manufacture the urge. They feel too painfully average and unremarkable, and in these debaucheries they see the opportunity to be different, special, and trendy. We all must find our identity in something, and if we do not look for it where we should -- in faith and family -- we might end up finding it in some fashionable perversion. This is all made possible by a society devoid of shame and righteous judgment.

Shame is a good thing. Shame is, by definition, the painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable, improper, or ridiculous. The 52-year-old man should feel ashamed of dressing up like a school girl. Bruce Jenner should feel ashamed of pretending to be a woman. An "otherkin" should feel ashamed of crawling around on all fours and telling everyone he identifies as a woodland fox.These behaviors are ridiculous, dishonorable, improper, and shameful.

Shame tells you something, just as the sharp, burning pain tells you something when you put your hand on a hot stove. It tells you, "This is unhealthy. Stop doing it." But our society has convinced us that nobody ought to feel such an uncomfortable sensation. Nobody ought to be judged, no matter how gross, bizarre, and twisted their actions might be.

I vaguely remember an SNL sketch in the late '90s, a fake public-access cable show featuring a man in a diaper (Will Ferrell, if I recall correctly), a woman who thought she was a chicken, and representatives of other delusions, fetishes, and fixations. Periodically the group would break out in a chorus of "Don't judge! Don't judge!" Less than 20 years ago, leftist-controlled popular culture still treated such trans-folk and their demands to be applauded as patently ridiculous. I can't imagine such a skit could be aired today.

MORE: The Gender Trender blog tracks the latest in insane demands and indoctrination from the trans world.

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