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Q1. So, are you going to be writing about Kathy Taylor's threat to sue Bill Christiansen?

A1. Yep, and I've already started, but I need a little more time, because I don't want to get a scary lawyer letter from Doug Dodd, Kathy's lawyer. (I don't know what to think about a First Amendment attorney who puts his John Hancock on what looks suspiciously like a SLAPP threat.)

Q2. You don't seem to be writing much these days.

A2. That's not a question, but you're right. I have plenty to say on plenty of topics, but it's hard to blog while folding laundry. If I'm not working on the vocation that actually pays the bills, then I'm teaching Greek or grading papers or writing exams, helping my own children stay on task and get their assignments done, turning Handycam video into a DVD with a menu, doing laundry, doing dishes.

Q3. What did you think of the Republican state convention?

A3. Well, I wasn't there. I felt it was more important to spend Saturday helping my two oldest kids get back on track with their assignments. They are both heavily loaded this year, and we've had some disruptions, principally the illness and death of their grandmother (my mother-in-law) and my wife's travel related to caring for her mom and now dealing with her estate. It was a very pleasant day, working quietly alongside my kids, but it was odd to miss the state convention for the first time in over a decade.

Q4. Are you happy with the convention's election results?

A4. David Weston should do a fine job on the nuts-and-bolts of running the party. I am concerned that we need our state party chairman to protect the Republican brand in Oklahoma. Mr. Weston may not regard that as part of his job, but he should. Now that the party dominates state government, we no longer have any excuse not to enact what we believe to be the best policies for Oklahoma's future, and yet we can't seem to get anything done. Gov. Fallin blames the lobbyists. But to our north, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has gotten a significant income tax cut and a personhood bill through the legislature. When Republican legislators stood in the way of his platform -- the platform that voters endorsed by electing him -- he supported primary opponents and got rid of most of the obstructionists. We need that sort of leadership in Oklahoma. We need state party officials who will exert as much pressure on GOP elected officials for limited government and lower taxes as the lobbyists are exerting in the opposite direction. The chambers of commerce and heavy construction and public employee unions all have their lobbyists; who will speak for the taxpayers?

Q5. Any other stories you're aching to write about?

A5. The failure of the Agenda 21 bill. Tulsa's victory in the "Parking Madness" tournament. (I've taken some great photos, but I need to write about it.) The stupidity of a column on exploiting Route 66 as a tourist attraction that ignores the importance of historical preservation. And there are a bunch of other stories that aren't really timely any more, but I want to get something on the record, particularly in tribute to some good people who have joined the Choir Invisible in recent months.

Q6. Isn't BatesLine's 10th anniversary next week? Any plans?

A6. Yep. I'd hoped to put together a retrospective, but that's looking unlikely.

Q7. Shouldn't you be going to bed?

A7. Yes. Either go to bed, or graze in the kitchen in a vain attempt to stay awake enough to write. Maybe I'll go to bed.

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