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Red dirt ranger


As a resident of Oklahoma's Green Country, where our dirt is a lovely dark brown and we enjoy an abundance of non-Martian vegetation, I can laugh at this item on Sean Gleeson's blog.

One question for the scientists involved: Weren't the tumbleweeds and prairie dogs a tip-off that something was amiss?

Remembering Oklahoma's freedmen


Okiedoke links to a post by Sister Scorpion about black history in Oklahoma, including the freedmen -- black slaves of Oklahoma's Indian tribes who were freed after the Civil War and granted tribal membership. These freedmen founded a number of towns in Indian Territory, mainly in Creek and Seminole lands. They were joined by blacks who came to participate in the land runs that opened Oklahoma Territory. There was even hope of making Oklahoma a black state -- a place where African-Americans could enjoy self-determination and freedom from official and semi-official persecution. (It's sadly ironic that the first law passed by the Oklahoma state legislature was a "Jim Crow" law.)

Sister Scorpion's post includes a lot of links on Oklahoma black history as well as links related to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Orange Bowl consolation


Were the Sooners that bad, or were the Trojans really that good? I stopped watching in the middle of the second quarter, stopped listening in the middle of the third.

At least Oklahomans have this to console us: Our wily Boy Governor, Brad Henry, didn't bet over his head in the traditional friendly wager between the governors of the warring states:

If USC wins the game in Miami, California National Guard troops will receive a side of Oklahoma beef and other Sooner state products.

If Oklahoma prevails, Schwarzenegger will send that state's troops a basketful of Golden State products, including zesty avocados, garlic, strawberries, caviar and salmon. And he'll throw in tickets to some of the state's top ski resorts and tourist attractions, including Squaw Valley and Disneyland.

``We have the finest agricultural products and the most scenic and diverse tourist destinations in the country. And on Jan. 4, we will prove we have the best college football team, too,'' Schwarzenegger said in a statement issued last week.

The California governor will be preparing for Wednesday's State of the State address and won't be able to watch the game. But Henry, a third generation Oklahoman, plans to attend.

If his team loses, Henry will provide a gift basket filled with Oklahoma products, including cornbread, cheese, jellies and chocolate.

Cornbread or caviar? Jellies or Squaw Valley lift tickets? There's a lot of state pride in Gov. Schwarzenegger's wager. Oklahoma's bet reeks of, "Sorry, it's not much, but it's the best we could do." Which is how many of us feel about Governor Henry.

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