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I got a lovely note at work from one Visitation S. Cadger a couple of days ago. It was all in Russian. I can decipher Cyrillic, but don't actually know any Russian, so I look for transliterated English words as a clue. This one appears to be about "operativnaya poligraphiya". The end of it refers to "metro Leninskiy Prospekt" and gives a phone number, which I take to be in Moscow. Evidently someone out in the Spamosphere thinks I live in Moscow. I have received ads, with menus, for a Moscow pizza parlor and a Moscow sushi restaurant which (if the online translation was correct) also seems to be a "gentleman's club".

The Russian spam flood is fairly recent. I've been getting Turkish spam for a couple of years now, as well as spam in Spanish which appears to be specifically Argentine.

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