Medlock gets "A" from NRA, Bartlett didn't answer questionnaire

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The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund has given an A rating to Republican mayoral candidate Chris Medlock for his views on Second Amendment rights. Dewey Bartlett Jr did not respond to the NRA questionnaire, receiving a "?" rating.

Tom Adelson, the likely Democratic mayoral nominee, also received an A, based on his legislative record and survey responses.

The NRA PVF website explains the ratings:

A Solidly pro-gun candidate. An "A" incumbent who has supported NRA positions on key votes. May also describe a non-incumbent "A" candidate (one not represented with an *) who has previously held other office and cast consistent pro-gun votes, or an "A" candidate who hasn't held office but has expressed strong support for NRA positions on Second Amendment issues. It should be noted that a "non-incumbent" candidate may have been awarded the "A" rating due solely to their responses on the NRA-PVF candidate survey.

? Failed to answer NRA-PVF candidate questionnaire, often an indication of indifference, if not outright hostility, to gun owners' and sportsmen's rights.

In a news release, Medlock said, "As an NRA member I don't take our Second Amendment Rights for granted. I will be proud to fight for this Constitutional right as Tulsa Mayor, and I will change the previous policies of Kathy Taylor."

Shortly after taking office, Taylor joined the Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an anti-Second Amendment rights group founded by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. A number of western mayors abandoned the group when they realized that its purpose was to put further burdens on gun owners and gun manufacturers, but Taylor continued to lend her name to the coalition.

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bm said:

This only solidifies the fact that I will be voting for Medlock.

Reggie Wooster said:

The NRA in a card received today endorsed Adelson in the demonrat party, but nothing endorsing Medlock in the Republican party.

Jamison said:

Reggie, that'd be typical NRA style. They hate to step on toes when it comes to elections and actually endorsing folks (one prime example: how many incumbents they endorse, especially Democrats, the same party they bash in their magazine all the time).

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