Phil Lakin - The Candidate from District 9

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75% of the contributors to Phil Lakin's campaign for Tulsa City Council District 8 do not reside in the district. Those contributors gave 71% of the contributions in excess of $200 (the only contributions required to be reported by name). Lakin is head of the Tulsa Community Foundation and a trustee of the George Kaiser Family Foundation. The biggest cluster of Lakin contributors and contributions is to be found in District 9 -- 44% and 41% respectively. These statistics strengthen the perception that Lakin has stronger social ties to the midtown Money Belt than to the south Tulsa neighborhoods he seeks to represent.

This analysis assigns donors to the district where they are registered to vote or reside, rather than the office mailing address they may have used in their contribution disclosure statement. For example, Francis Rooney listed the Manhattan Construction headquarters address on his contribution, but according to the disclosures filed with his 2008 Federal campaign contributions, he lives in Naples, Florida, and he is not registered to vote in Oklahoma. Dan Buford listed a P. O. Box on his Lakin donation, and he is registered to vote at 107 S. Phoenix, the old Irving School in Council District 1, but at least as of 2008, he and his wife Kay still lived at the Blair Mansion in District 9 and at the time planned to continue to live there, although the property has been sold to the George Kaiser Family Foundation.

Here is the breakdown of Lakin's donors by council district.

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XonOFF said:

Brings us back full circle to my old, oft promoted initiative to modify campaign finance by limiting contributions to only those who can actually vote for a particular candidate to whom they donate.

It would re-focus representation back to those who are actually being represented.

"Free Speech" money (from everywhere else) would not be limited, just could'nt be given to a candidate. PACs, SIGs, Corporate and interested outsiders could still spend whatever they wished on issue ads, promotional materials and handshaking (without naming candidates) to promote their interest directly to voters, rather than to candidates.

Fixes a LOT of other issues related to representation, or the lack thereof.

I've come to the conclusion this needs to be handled on the local level first and allowed to spread upward to national, rather than the other way around.

Bob said:

Is Phil Lakin his own person, or a mere catspaw doing the bidding of his boss King George the Lesser, and Bank of Kaiser?

Let's decide before 7:00 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 8......

Bob said:

Rooney Looney Tunes became a shareholder of Bank of Kaiser when his Muskogee bank sold out to Bank of Kaiser.

Giving King Kaiser a virtual deposit monopoly until the Leonard scion out-foxed King George and founded a new First National Bank...

Ouch! That non-compete agreement was impotent. Find some Viagra, King George! You're non-compete is so facile.

Rooney by the way, is a now a shareholder and Director of Bank of Kaiser, when he's not bending over to kiss the Pope's Golden Ring.

And, Roooney's a connected Kaiser Krony, a la Manhattan Construction Company, the sole-sourced builder of the new Driller Stadium.

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