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A Stalker's Best Friend: Inside JSocket's Android Remote Access Tool Builder - Threat Geek

Cybersecurity expert John Bambenek writes about vulnerabilities that can give a hacker an easy way to track your Android phone, and how to reduce your risk.

PDF::Reuse - Reuse and mass produce PDF documents -

"This module could be used when you want to mass produce similar (but not identical) PDF documents and reuse templates, JavaScripts and some other components. It is functional to be fast, and to give your programs capacity to produce many pages per second and very big PDF documents if necessary."

exiftool - Read and write meta information in files -

Perl-based utility that can read and write metadata on image files and can read metadata on audio and other file types.

How to Enable Automatic Logon in Windows NT 3.x and 4.0

Because sometimes you need to know things about an OS that was launched when your oldest kid was still in diapers.

The Windows Update Icon is no longer in the Notification Area - WindowsBBS Forum

A particular Windows 7 Update (KB3075851), which seems to be installed notwithstanding user settings, removes the icon for user control of the update process and replaces it with a nag icon for Windows 10.

Related: How to uninstall KB971033 and why you may want to do so, and how to control Windows 7 Activation Update.

Fix Windows 7/8.1 privacy

How to disable specific Windows 7 and Windows 8 updates that compromise your privacy or push for upgrading to Windows 10.

Fix Windows 10 privacy

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Fix Windows 10 privacy

Instructions for how to shutdown privacy-breaking features of Microsoft's new Windows 10.

Video stuck during upload - YouTube Help

"Don't waste your uploads progress! If you had to abandon your upload for any reason, you have up to 24 hours to continue uploading where you left off. Just go back to and select the same file from your computer."


Tired of wading through endless automated phone menus? Frustrated to get through six levels of menus and waiting for an agent, only to be transferred to a different number? claims to have the direct-dial number you need, and the shortest touch-tone path to talk to a live human being.