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Video stuck during upload - YouTube Help

"Don't waste your uploads progress! If you had to abandon your upload for any reason, you have up to 24 hours to continue uploading where you left off. Just go back to and select the same file from your computer."


Tired of wading through endless automated phone menus? Frustrated to get through six levels of menus and waiting for an agent, only to be transferred to a different number? claims to have the direct-dial number you need, and the shortest touch-tone path to talk to a live human being.

Operators in C and C++: Operator precedence - Wikipedia

In olden times, you needed to know whether a duke had precedence over a marquis. Now it's more important to know whether bitwise-and outranks element selection through pointer.

linux - Unix Sort with Tab Delimiter - Stack Overflow

The trick is to put the special-character delimiter in single quotes, preceded by a dollar sign, per the ANSI-C quoting facility of the bash shell. Motorola MVME167 Board

A comprehensive collection of documentation for the once ubiquitous VMEbus single-board computer.

Foxtrot Alpha: Exclusive: Meet The USAF's Long Awaited KC-46A Pegasus Tanker

Based on the Boeing 767, the first 18 KC-46As are due to McConnell AFB by the end of 2017, and Altus AFB will be the schoolhouse for pilots and boomers. MORE: Confessions Of A USAF KC-135 'Flying Gas Station' Boom Operator. And TSgt Jamie Morton, the "photog boom," shares dramatic photos of receiver aircraft from a KC-135 Boom Operator's point of view.

Converting 32-bit code to 64-bit code

Some resources for avoiding pitfalls when moving C or C++ software from a 32-bit computer to a 64-bit computer:

In 2008, legendary computer scientist Donald Knuth complained about gcc on 64-bit platforms forcing the wasteful use of 64-bit pointers, when 32-bit pointers would suffice, and that the man page advertised an option to permit this, although it's only available for the obsolete MIPS platform. This Ubuntu bug page pursues the question.

Epoch Converter - Unix Timestamp Converter

A collection of useful tools for converting between machine-readable and human-readable timestamps. (The Unix Epoch is the number of seconds since midnight GMT January 1, 1970. This number is used for file creation and modification times and other system purposes.)

Windows audio patch for Dorling Kindersley DK software

If you're trying to run an old educational CD-ROM game by Dorling Kindersley (DK) on Windows XP, you'll probably see an error message like this:

"Sound Software is not installed properly or has been disabled" or "1058 Sound Decompression Software not installed properly".

There's a patch to fix the problem. It's available through Global Software Publishing's support website. (GSP bought the DK Interactive Learning back catalog.) Here is a direct link to the DK audio patch file.

Handbook of hardware schemes, cables layouts and connectors pinouts diagrams @

Which wires carry which signals? Here is a reference source with diagrams and details of 1,648 connectors, ports, cables, and more.