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Self-driving shuttle crashes in Las Vegas hours after launch | Fox News

Human driver of a semi is being blamed for bumping into a self-driving shuttle that drew too close to the back of the truck and failed to allow it room to back up. The reaction of the authorities suggests that human drivers will be expected to make accommodation for the limitations of automated vehicles and be blamed for accidents that are due to those limitations. This is the slippery slope: Allowing autonomous vehicles on the road creates a safety justification for banning vehicles with human drivers. At that point, the automobile will cease to be a tool of personal autonomy, taking you and your stuff where you want to go, and will become a limited-purpose utility, moving you only to those places where the Powers That Be allow you to go. The only defense against that outcome is to ban autonomous vehicles from public thoroughfares.

Dear Tulsa - Beth Knight - Medium

"The Tulsa tech community has created this unique magic and it's something that needs to be noticed and fostered.

"I left Tulsa because I had exhausted the online resources, such as Team Treehouse and Bloc, and I did not want to pursue another four year degree. Wassim Metallaoui told me that a program in Denver called Turing could take me from a dabbler to a real software developer. It was an exhausting seven month program, but I did it. I found a job in Boulder that I will be starting this week and it's all roses. But I believe there should have been an option like this for me in Tulsa. Tulsa has a lower cost of living and a much more actively engaged programming community. Right now, the most difficult part of hiring a junior programmer is finding a company with a mentorship program in place. There is a rough 3 month on boarding process, but after that you have a fairly decent programmer. After a year of working they're considered mid level. The ramp up time is rough but it is brief. Maybe it needs to be subsidized by someone, I don't know. But it's not long to turn someone from a dabbler into a developer....

"Right now bootcamps all over the nation are shutting down because there is a glut of junior developers in the market. But not in Tulsa. Tulsa is a place where people are committed to their community and will do whatever it takes to see it thrive. This is my plea to companies to set up these junior positions and the city to bring in the bootcamps to retrain people. It's doable. I am doing it. I was not able to pursue this dream in Tulsa because the opportunity was not there, but it can be. I don't know how to fix the educational or transportation system, but I do know how to bring in more skilled labor. And when you have skilled labor, the companies follow."

My comment: Tulsa Technology Center and Tulsa Community College are rolling in taxpayer dollars, thanks to their dedicated slices of our property taxes. This is exactly the sort of program they ought to offer. Skills-focused training is why they exist.

Introduction to DV: Capture FAQ and Myth Guide - The Digital FAQ

Useful tips for understanding the process of getting video across that 1394 Firewire cable from your camcorder to your computer.

NHTSA: Technical Service Bulletins Help -- Office of Defect Investigations

A lot of useful information that was once only available to dealers and factory-authorized repair centers is now available to the general public. Use this page to find technical service bulletins that may help you maintain and repair your car -- or help you figure out what's wrong, so you can have someone else do the repair you need. Free TSB and Wiring Diagram search

BBB Industries, manufacturers of starters, alternators, power steering pumps, and other automotive equipment, allows you not only to search for TSBs and wiring diagrams for your car, but you can actually view and download them! Free registration required.

Pipeline Safety and Education - ONEOK Partners

Brochure that came in the mail about pipeline safety -- how to recognize pipeline markers, the number to call before you dig, where to find maps showing the routes of pipelines.

BRRRT / A-10 Thunderbolt II Firing Sound | Know Your Meme

It may sound like a flatulent warthog, but it's really an A-10 delivering hundreds of 30 mm, armor-piercing, depleted-uranium rounds. For US ground troops, it's the sound of deliverance.

MORE: A-10 Warthog is now a possible choice of sexual identity.

Is the party over for free wi-fi in cafes? - BBC News

One cafe hides its electrical outlets and, between 11 am and 4 pm, cuts off wifi. Another eliminated wifi completely, only to have to reverse its course a few weeks later. Yet another cafe is leasing out a basement as a co-working space. How does a coffeehouse cultivate loyal customers without encouraging table hogs?

A couple techniques I've observed: Printing a unique wifi key, good for two hours, on the customer's receipt. Offering bandwidth priority to customers who spend above a certain threshold. Seems like it would be simple to grant a DHCP lease with the duration proportional to the amount of money spent on food and drink.

Workshop Cafe in San Francisco's Financial District has a small free wifi space, but most of the coffeehouse is reserved for people who pay $2 to $3 per hour. In exchange, customers get faster wifi, outlets, access to printers, scanners, and large screen displays, private phone booths, and ergonomic chairs. Members can order drinks and food from their seats, can reserve a specific spot using the app, and can optionally share their info with other members, opening the door to collaboration. I am not a tax expert, but it seems the money paid specifically for a place to sit would be deductible as a business expense, while the money you spend in a conventional coffeehouse on coffee and paninis to justify your continued occupancy of a table would not be.

IMEIdata: LG Warranty Check - Lookup

Input your LG phone's IMEI, find out its production date, serial number, carrier, and other info useful when dealing with warranty and recall. Warranty check lookup tools are available on the site for Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and Lenovo phones, and several tools relating to iPhone -- unlock check, bulk check, model check, policy check.

Epoch Converter - Unix Timestamp Converter

Shows the current time in seconds since the Unix epoch (0000 GMT 1970/01/01). Converts a given timestamp to human-readable time and vice versa. Unfortunately doesn't handle hexadecimals.